We Have a Great Variety of Cleaning
Services to Offer

Professional Commercial Cleaning Services

This service is quoted according to your requirements. We can provide you with cleaning staff for your offices and if you need us to render hygiene services it can also be arranged at a cost effective price. Contact us to arrange a meeting.

Office / Domestic Char Services (ad-hoc)

This is a once-off daily service for those individuals that do not need someone every day or who’s regular help is on leave.

Domestic Service (more than 4 times per month)

Placement of a regular domestic employee at a residence where service will be done more than four times per month. The employee remains under Multi-Cleaning Solutions’ management (leave, wages, UIF, disciplinary, uniform etc. is handled by Multi-Cleaning Solutions). Please note that it is not always possible to place someone the first time that you will get along with as we all are different in personality and life’s not perfect as we all want it to be as we are dealing with humans and human factors.

Spring Cleaning

Full domestic cleaning (under/behind furniture, wiping down appliances, washing of cupboards (inside & out), washing of interior walls and interior and exterior windows) This package is more for the OCD clean freaks. We scrub each nook and cranny using a toothbrush.

Washing & Ironing Services

Our ladies will come in and do your washing and ironing (they have been trained to read the inside labels of your clothes to ensure it is being done right!) R35 p/h

Window Washing

Quick, easy and professional service for sparkling clean windows – interior and exterior windows – Contact us to discuss the particulars and receive a free quotation.

cleaning services

Multi-Cleaning Solutions do not only leave you with a clean house, they also leave you with a sense of friendship and an ignited passion and respect for two souls who saw an opportunity and now proceed to leave our living spaces smelling lemony fresh.

– Christa Van Staden

Occupational Cleaning

The big cleaning session before you move into your brand new home! We come in and clean every nook and cranny of your new living space (this includes washing of interior walls, reachable interior windows, all cabinets and closets inside and out, washing of all carpets, basic drain cleaning, high dusting etc.) Leaving you with a clean space to make a home and some lasting memories or saving you from loosing your deposit.

Domestic Consultation

If you have an existing domestic employee we sort out the legalities of his/her employment, to ensure both the rights and interests of the employer and employee is protected as per the Basic Conditions of Employment Act – This service includes employment contracts, UIF registration, Payslip System, assistance to open a bank account if necessary and also a basic copy of the Act and disciplinary procedures applicable to Domestic workers (Remember: Domestics, gardeners, nannies (child minders), those who look after the disabled or elderly in private homes all are covered and protected under this Act)

Post Construction Cleaning

After all the construction activities have taken place and the dust has settled we come in and pay attention to all the finer details inside. Removal of stickers on cupboards, dirt marks on the walls, cleaning of the carpets and tiles. Shining up that bathroom and restoring it to its sparkly self. Removal of paint spillages on windows, floors etc. We will help you to hand over the property clean and sparkling.

Move Assistance (Packing & Unpacking) 

We assist you with packing and unpacking your boxes on the day/s of your move. We relieve you from all the stress that comes with moving. We assist you to unpack and get settled as soon as possible. Our employees will assist you to wash all your kitchenware, glasses, plates etc. and get it organized in your cupboards, help you hang up and fold your clothes, organize closets etc. Our employees are not allowed to move or carry furniture. R250 to hire our well trained staff.